HolyGreen is a raw herb juice, it contains 30% sprouted Alfafa seeds.

Its unique and exclusive composition does not exist elsewhere.
Powerful revitalizing and re-mineralizing of the body, it is a concentrate of SOD that truly boosts your immune system.
Holygreen raw grass juice Contains 92 trace elements + exceptional Chlorophyll (we call it “green blood”). It is a must for getting back in shape because it regenerates the liver cells and purifies the blood. It is also considered a complete food, because it contains all the amino acids necessary for the human body Holygreen is a raw, gluten-free herbal juice.
Dosage, cures:
Dosage for daily well-being:
2 teaspoons of Holygreen diluted in a glass of water every morning on an empty stomach
Slimming cure: once a week take 10 Holygreen spread over a day and 20 KLAMTH capsules and 10 enzyme capsules. We don't eat all day, ending the evening with a broth or raw soup. To be done over a month

Fitness treatment, a HolyGreen morning, noon and evening + 5 capsules of KLAMATH VIVE.

Best of all, dark circles disappear quickly, the whites of the eyes lighten and the complexion becomes brighter.
Precautions for use
To be used as part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children.