Cures and Recipes by Stephan Jaulin

The 5 Tibetan movements to do every day - Stephan Jaulin

"The 5 Tibetans"

Secret of vitality and longevity for all, presentation of 5 movements, "the 5 Tibetans", to practice daily, every morning.


Holygreen Slimming Cure - The Well-Being Secrets of Stephan Jaulin

Holy Green Slimming Cure

Holygreen is a raw herbal juice with multiple properties, you can use it as part of a slimming treatment in addition to a balanced diet.


Le Café d'Or - Stephan Jaulin's Well-Being Secret

The Golden Café

Recipe for the drink that has replaced black coffee for years for Stephan Jaulin. Magnificent for health, Café d'Or gives energy and boosts the immune system .


Light Legs - Well-Being Secret by Stephan Jaulin

Light & anti-cellulite legs

Find and keep the shape of your legs thanks to 109 Bio'Circul aromatic synergies.


Detox Treatment for Hair: White Clay - Stephan Jaulin

Hair care & beauty: White clay

White clay can be used as a detox treatment on your hair, instead of shampoo.


Holy Green Detox Cure - Stephan Jaulin
Holy Green Detox Cure

Discover Stephan Jaulin's recipe for a detox treatment with HolyGreen herb juice .


Breakfast & Living Food - Try banana puree!
Breakfast & Living Food: banana puree!

Very healthy and raw, this nourishing breakfast is ideal for those who have a sporting activity in the morning but also for those who want to switch to a living diet.


Beautiful Summer Skin Cure - Stephan Jaulin
Beautiful Summer Skin Cure

Recipe to protect your skin from the sun: HolyGreen & Klamath Vive Cure .


Drink boiled water - Well-being Recipe Stephan Jaulin

Drink boiled water!

It is a principle of traditional ancestral Chinese medicine, the first medicine for the body and mind!


to Strengthen your Hair: Cedar Hydrosol & Ylang-Ylang HE - Ritual by Stephan Jaulin

Strengthen your hair!

Ritual to strengthen your hair: Cedar Hydrosol & Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil .


Breakfast Booster - Recipe by Stephan Jaulin

Breakfast Booster!

This breakfast is aimed at people who are not hungry in the morning, those who prefer salty foods, athletes, people who need a lot of concentration in the morning.


Lemon & Olive Oil Elixir

Lemon & Olive Oil Elixir!

To cleanse your body & regain vitality.


Klamath Vive cure for athletes - Advice Stephan Jaulin

Klamath Vive: for athletes

For athletes, a Klamath Vive treatment can help you gain muscle.


Cure Candidiasis - Recipe Stephan Jaulin

Cure Candidiasis

Candidiasis Cure: Holy Green grass juice + Klamath Vive + Enzyms+3.

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