Lemon & Olive Oil Elixir

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Lemon & Olive Oil Elixir

Olive oil & lemon elixir treatment: to regain vitality & cleanse your body!

Elixir Olive oil & lemon: Recipe Stephane Jaulin

Recipe :

Mix a tablespoon of organic olive oil and the juice of a squeezed organic lemon in a cup. Stir and drink on an empty stomach in the morning, repeat for 21 days.

Actions of the Olive Oil & Lemon Elixir:
- detoxifies the liver, spleen, gallbladder.
- eliminates kidney waste (as well as fears!).
- raises energy level
- fight against bad cholesterol
- rich in mono-saturated fatty acids and vitamin C
- effective against joint pain thanks to “oleocanthal phenolic molecules”
- gives a fresher complexion
- improves breath.

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