Holygreen Slimming Treatment

Cures & Recipes from Stephan Jaulin:
the Holy Green Slimming Cure

Holy Green is a raw herb juice with multiple properties, you can use it as part of a slimming treatment in addition to a balanced diet.

For your Holy Green slimming treatment, to be done once a week :

. Drink 10 prepared Holy Green juices:
10 doses of Holy Green juice spread over the day, for each juice 2 teaspoons* of Holy Green grass juice powder & 20 cl of water.

. 20 Klamath capsules
in 10 doses of 2 capsules, to be spread over the day.

. 10 enzyme capsules (Enzyms +3)
in 10 doses of one capsule, spread over the day

You can also buy all of these products in a pack: Cure Starter .

We don't eat all day, finishing in the evening with a broth or raw soup. Then resume a balanced diet the remaining days of the week and repeat this way for a month.

* remember to use a wooden spoon, not a metal spoon!

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