The Golden Café

Cures & Recipes from Stephan Jaulin:
The Golden Café

Here is the drink that has replaced black coffee for years for Stephan Jaulin: magnificent for your health, Café d'Or gives energy and boosts the immune system .

Recipe for a golden coffee:

- Squeeze an organic lemon

- Add 2 sprigs of fresh organic turmeric

- Add lukewarm water

- Add a few turns of the pepper mill and the equivalent of a fingernail of fresh organic ginger.

- Mix everything! After mixing, you can pass it through a sieve to remove small waste.

It's ready to drink & guaranteed boost!

Why stop coffee?

- End caffeine addiction
- Less caffeine = reduction in blood pressure
- Improved sleep
- Reduced stress and anxiety
- Fewer migraines
- Better digestion
- Find good breath and beautiful teeth!

Cures & Recipes by Stephan Jaulin

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