Movements: “The 5 Tibetans”

Well-being recipe from Stephan Jaulin:
The “5 Tibetan movements”

5 movements to do every day, every morning if you can:
they are the secret to vitality and longevity for all.

Exercise 1 :
The relaxed rotation softens the back and loosens the spine. head chakras, brings clarity.

Exercise 2:
This movement softens the spine and combats excess weight in the abdomen.
Throat chakra, generates positivity, expresses joy.

Exercise 3:
Movement to strengthen the lower back muscles and clear breathing.
Heart chakra, pacifies problems, fights against anger.

Exercise 4:
This movement mobilizes arm strength.
Earth chakra, amplifies qualities, expresses generosity.

Exercise 5:
Flexibility and tone for the whole body.
Chakra Air, remove the negative.

The particularity of these “5 Tibetan movements” is to galvanize the subtle energies of the body and to stimulate your chakras. This action explains their astonishing effects on longevity, but also on your morale.

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