Breakfast & Living Food - Try banana puree!

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Breakfast & Living Food - Try banana puree!

Very healthy and raw, this nourishing breakfast is ideal for those who have a sporting activity in the morning but also for those who want to switch to a living diet.

I recommend that you start your day with a puree of 500 g of fruit: choose them according to your tastes, always organic and local as much as possible.

You will feel a boost of energy, a better state of health, a great transit therefore a flatter stomach, a few kilos less... the list is long of the benefits of eating raw ... What could be better than starting your day with your favorite fruits ?

To make this recipe, in a blender, mix:
2 to 4 bananas depending on your appetite
1 lemon juice
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
3 prunes (pitted)
Mix everything for about 2/3 minutes until you obtain a very smooth puree.
Trick ! You can make this breakfast with any fruits and oilseeds of your choice, nuts or seeds…

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