Stephan Jaulin: Boost your body and mind in The Good Mag!

Interventions by Stephan Jaulin in “The Mag that does good!”

Stephan Jaulin regularly appears in the show “Le mag qui fait du bien” on C8, every Sunday at 9 a.m.

Watch the broadcast of January 16, 2022, “Shamanism: wisdom-rituals”:

In this show, Stephan Jaulin delivers 2 tips to boost your body and mind: drink boiled water!

> Drinking hot water in the morning, on an empty stomach, accelerates the metabolism and allows our body to burn more calories. This morning ritual will also allow you to eliminate the toxins that cause, among other things, premature aging of cells.

> Carrot essential oil: breathe for one minute morning & evening.

Book "Energy Rituals" - Stephan Jaulin

Other Well-Being recipes in the book “ Energy Rituals
by Stephan Jaulin & Arouna Lipschitz

Health and beauty secrets for body and soul!

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