Stephan Jaulin: Finding love again in Le Mag qui fait du Bien!

Interventions by Stephan Jaulin in “The Mag that does good!”

Stephan Jaulin regularly appears in the show “Le mag qui fait du bien” on C8, every Sunday at 9 a.m.

Watch the broadcast of February 13, 2022, “Synergology: detecting the emotions of others”:

Magical recipes to find love again:

> the Café d’Or
Magnificent for health, Café d'Or gives energy and boosts the immune system .
In Cures & Recipes by Stephan Jaulin: see the recipe for “Café d’Or”

> Vanilla (bourbon vanilla essential oil)
To breathe !
or put a drop on the throat chakra and on the heart chakra

> Ylang-Ylang essential oil (called: "The queen of the sun") & Mandarin essential oil
Use a diffuser, one hour before bed: 5 drops of Ylang-Ylang and 10 drops of mandarin.
It's wonderful for stimulating your desire!

Book "Energy Rituals" - Stephan Jaulin

Other Well-Being recipes:Energy Rituals ” book
by Stephan Jaulin & Arouna Lipschitz

Health and beauty secrets for body and soul

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