I developed HolyGreen based on the teachings of Ann Wigmore of the Hypocrates Center in Florida.
It is of exceptional quality because,
It is a raw herb juice, it contains 30% sprouted Alfafa seeds.
What makes it a powerful revitalizer and re-mineralizer for the body is a concentrated SOD that truly boosts your immune system.

Holygreen raw grass juice Contains 92 trace elements + exceptional Chlorophyll (we call it “green blood”). It is also considered a complete food, as it contains all the amino acids necessary for the human body Holygreen is a raw, gluten-free grass juice.
Best of all, dark circles disappear quickly, the whites of the eyes lighten and the complexion becomes brighter.
HOLY GREEN my conscious food
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The Klamath owes its name to the one and only place where it is found:
Klamath Lake located in Oregon, United States.
The water of this lake is very pure, with a neutral Ph resulting from the melting of ice and snow from volcanic mountains.

Our raw Klamath, voted the richest food on the planet by the WHO 
This superfood contains all the assimilable vitamins you need.
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How to help reduce your internal digestive inflammations due to your diet?
Thanks to the unique and exclusive composition of raw enzymes thanks to my enzym+3 which contains 3 strains of specific enzymes.
the enzymes will improve the anti-inflammatory process. (3 gls before main meals)
“Meets Ann Wigmore’s recommendations”
Who should take a digestive enzyme supplement?
* People who eat less than 50% raw
* Those who eat quickly
* People who eat processed foods
* People who are overweight (or underweight)
* People suffering from indigestion, gas, bloating…
*Those recovering from an injury
* Person with chronic health problem

enzym+3 has been developed so that they are raw and alive according to the precepts of Ann Wigmore

To order Enzym +3 call Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Health and beauty secrets for body and soul.
What if taking care of your body also became a tool for spiritual development?
Here are 21 wellness rituals. 21 melodies for body and soul.

Breathing, fruits and vegetables, herbal juices, essential oils, hydrosols, clay, foot baths, movements...
As the days and seasons go by, these practices bring us more energy, better sleep, strengthened immunity, a clearer complexion, but also more lightness, relaxation and joy of living.

book by Arouna Lipschitz & Sephan Jaulin

Available in all good bookstores