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Telomeractive DNA - 30 tablets

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DNA Teloméractives is a food supplement containing several active ingredients recognized for their action against premature aging.

An essential plant in Chinese pharmacopoeia, astragalus is a traditional Yang remedy. Rich in polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins A, E and C as well as trace elements, astragalus constitutes a nutritional cornucopia particularly beneficial to the vitality of the body. An essential mineral and major antioxidant, zinc plays a leading role in many metabolic processes and contributes in particular to normal DNA synthesis. The combined effects of these two active ingredients of choice are ideally complemented by the antioxidant qualities of Japanese knotweed, rich in resveratrol, grapevine and Rhodiola rosea.

DNA Teloméractives owes its effectiveness to an exclusive composition, skillfully orchestrated. Its safety is guaranteed by rigorous pharmaco-toxicological and genetic analyzes carried out by the Toxem laboratory which specializes in medical genotoxicity. Healthy and safe, the food supplement can therefore be used with complete peace of mind.

Most :

- A complex with anti-aging action reinforced.