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Cure Starter

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The epicenter team is taking up its summer quarters
we wish you all a very happy vacation.
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The starter cure was designed according to the precepts of Ann Wigmore, of the Hippocrates center in Florida.
These are raw and living foods.

The starter cure contains:
1 Holygreen of 90g (20 days of cure)
1 box of Klamath Vive 120 tablets
1 box of Enzym +3 of 120 tablets

Holygreen is a raw herb juice, it contains 30% sprouted Alfafa seeds. Powerful revitalizing and re-mineralizing of the body itis a concentrate of SOD, a real booster of your immune system.

Holygreen raw grass juice contains 92 trace elements + exceptional Chlorophyll (we call it "green blood").
It's a must for a back in shape c
ar it regenerates the liver cells of the liver, it purifies the blood. Il is also considered a complete food, because it contains all the amino acids necessary for the human body.
Holygreen is a juice of raw and gluten-free herb.

Klamath will powerfully detoxify the body, but also repair it in depth by stimulating the migration of stem cells.
Protein concentration 60%
Zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants…

Enzymes allow better absorption of trace elements and minerals from your food, fgreatly facilitate digestion and avoid fatty deposits on the abdominal belt.

The starter cure can help you for many uses:

The reconditioning cure Form:
Take two teaspoons of Holygreen diluted in a glass of mineral water at room temperature 20CL with 5 Klamath Vive 
Wait 10 minutes before drinking or eating.
Take 5 Klamath again at lunch
3 Enzyms before each meal

For the cure Detox:
For a month, one day a week take 9 herb juice (two teaspoons of Holygreen diluted in a glass of mineral water at room temperature 20CL)
2 capsules of Klamath each time
Space 30 minutes between each glass
Without eating
Finish in the evening with a soup or a light broth

The Slimming cure:
8 days a month, a grass juice with 5 klamath in the morning, a grass juice with 5 klamath at midday, a juice of grass with 5 klamath around 4-5 p.m., removing all cereals and sugar

The Belle Peau summer cure:
Preserve your skin from the sun
A grass juice in the morning has fasting with 5 Klamath which will absorb the harmful rays of the sun and thus avoid pigmentation spots and the degradation of collagen
repeat the operation when you return from your sunbaths

The Candidiasis cure:
A herbal juice in the morning and at midday for a month
with 5 Klamath and 3 enzymes

To be used as part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children.
For any serious illness, seek advice from your doctor.