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Double Hair

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Double Hair is developed to strengthen hair quality and stimulate hair follicles.

The Fine Hair Cure:
Recover the density and vitality of your hair, for Men and Women
For 5 months, one capsule morning and evening, then Bio Booster hair 20 drops on the scalp twice a week, leave on for a minimum of two hours or overnight.

DOUBLE HAIR increases hair sustainably and reduces hair loss by 37% after two months of use and stimulates hair growth by combating hair loss with an increase in active follicles by 78%, in just 3 months.

The main active element called AnaGain™ is obtained from young organic pea shoots. It stimulates, in the dermal papilla, specific molecules essential for the reactivation of hair growth.

The second active product is Biotin, also called Vitamin B7, H or B8, produced by the intestinal biota and available in certain foods. A biotin deficiency is generally the cause of hair loss, skin problems, conjunctivitis or even muscle cramps.

Recommended daily dosage:

1 capsule per day or 100 mg of AnaGain™ and 5000 µg of Biotin.

Ingredients: AnaGain™ (pea extract), filler (rice flour), anti-lumps (rice extract), biotin, vegetable capsule (cellulose). Contents for 1 capsule: Anagain™ 100 mg, Biotin 5000 g (10000% DRI). DRI = Reference daily intake

1 capsule per day taken with a meal. The recommended dose should not be exceeded.